Using a massage gun for plantar fasciitis - how can it help?

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Plantar fasciitis is one of the most common, and painful, orthopaedic complaints. It’s caused when the tissue that attaches the heel to the toes becomes inflamed, and while it usually clears up in time with the right kind of treatment, it can make life really uncomfortable for the sufferer.

Blog posts Using a massage gun for plantar fasciitis

Some people are more prone to plantar fasciitis than others. Unfortunately, it can be an age thing, and many of us will experience plantar fasciitis as we hit 40-60 years old. Carrying extra weight can also increase the risk of problems, as this puts extra pressure on the feet.

Other examples of people who may suffer, include:

  • Athletes, especially those who play sports that require a lot of running or which put a great deal of stress on the heel of the foot, such as football, basketball, gymnastics and athletics.
  • People with existing foot issues, such as flat feet or a high foot arch.
  • Anyone doing a job that involves standing for long hours on hard surfaces. If that’s you, try standing on a soft, sponge mat if possible, as this can help prevent problems from occurring.

Can a massage gun help plantar fasciitis?

Yes, it can. As with most injuries and ailments, there’s sadly no instant cure. But while taking medication helps with managing the inflammation and discomfort caused by plantar fasciitis, stretching and massaging your feet is an effective way to speed up the healing time.

Regular plantar fasciitis massage gun treatment can help ease the pain – which for some people can be chronic.

When the plantar fascia ligament contracts, blood flow to the area is restricted. Massage helps to stimulate blood flow back to the area, easing the tension in the muscle fibres and making the pain and discomfort a lot more manageable.

How to use a massage gun for plantar fasciitis

Deep tissue massage, like the kind you get from a massage gun, helps you treat the pain caused by plantar fasciitis, anytime and anywhere. And using one couldn’t be simpler:

  • Our own MuscleGun Carbon massage gun, for example, comes with different head attachments so you can best pinpoint the area of your feet that are most sore.
  • Using the control panel on the top of your device, choose your desired speed setting.
  • Gently float the device across the bottom of the foot. Gradually apply more pressure to the areas where you feel the muscles are particularly tight or sore.
  • Continue until you feel the tension and pain ease.


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