Why it works.

Scientifically calibrated for optimal performance.

The MuscleGun Carbon houses an industrial grade motor, specifically engineered and calibrated to deliver up to 10mm of amplitude at a speed of up to 3200 strokes per minute across your body. The result is high power repetitive strokes with the optimum amount of pressure to provide the ultimate deep tissue massage solution. 

High performance Proprietary Gearbox.

Our device is fitted with a robust, high performance proprietary gearbox which includes our industry leading variable speed control and ultra quiet brushless motor technology, the result is maximum efficiency and reliability with state of the art noise reduction.

Pro Level Power.

The MuscleGun Carbon can deliver up to 44lb's of force, being one of the most powerful percussive massagers on the market, for users who require the deepest level of massage treatment.

Attachments - specifically designed to treat every muscle. 

Each one of our four custom massage attachments has been specifically designed to target individual muscle groups to provide the optimum level of massage therapy your body needs. It's recovery unique to you.

300 Minute Battery Life.

Our device includes 12 volt lithium ion batteries which can provide up to 300 minutes of use and take just 1 hour to charge.