The benefits of a muscle massage gun

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If you’re thinking of investing in a muscle massage gun, you want to know you’re getting your money’s worth. Well, we can tell you, you definitely are! Whether you’re looking for an edge when training or competing, seeking relief from an ailment or just looking to improve your quality of life, there are muscle gun benefits for you.

The benefits of a muscle massage gun

Benefits of muscle massage guns

With a range of muscle massager gun benefits at your fingertips, everyone can feel the gains.

  • They help you perform better - By stimulating the flow of blood to the treated areas, more oxygen and nutrients flow to the muscles. Percussive massage also elongates the muscle fibres, which improves their responsiveness and performance. Together, this gets the muscles ready for action.
  • They help you recover after exercise - When building your body back up after a hard workout, add a muscle gun massage to your recovery routine. They help flush the lactic acid from your muscles, break down scar tissue that can cause pain and limit range of motion, and reduce swelling and inflammation to avoid Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).
  • They help prevent injury - Using a massage gun before exercise is a fantastic way to wake the muscles up. Massage ensures your muscles are fed with enough oxygen before the hard work begins, and by increasing the temperature of your muscles you’ll be more flexible and less prone to strains.
  • They give you complete control - Muscle guns – like our own MuscleGun Carbon massage gun – are portable, handheld devices that you can use anytime, anywhere. Whenever you’re feeling tired or sore, fire up your massage gun and away you go. They’re compact enough to pack away in your bag, but powerful enough to give you results every time.
  • They help you manage pain - A massage gun helps treat painful areas by improving circulation and loosening and relaxing the stiffness around joints and muscles. Also, it’s far less invasive than taking painkillers or other medication to treat muscle related pain.
  • They help you relax - This is a no-brainer. By relieving stress and tension deep in the muscle tissue you’re relaxing your body, reducing anxiety, improving your sleep, boosting your immune system and lifting your overall wellness.
  • They help improve your flexibility - Deep tissue massage gently stretches the muscles, which leads to improved tissue health, greater flexibility and increased range of motion.
  • They save you money - Regular sessions with a massage therapist can be expensive. With a massage gun of your own – and a little practice – you can enjoy all the benefits of a deep tissue massage on-demand, without having to worry about the cost.

Muscle gun benefits for different muscles 

The beauty of muscle massage guns is that you can use them on a whole range of muscle groups around the body – wherever there’s tension, stiffness or soreness, they’ll get to work. Just some of the areas where they offer relief, include:

  • The upper body - Traps, pectorals and shoulders.
  • The arms - Biceps, forearms and wrists.
  • The legs and lower body - Hip flexors, glutes, hamstrings, calves, knees and quads.

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