How to use MuscleGun Carbon massage gun to help reduce sciatic nerve pain

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Here we explain how to use The MuscleGun Carbon to help reduce pain related to Sciatica.

Sciatica pain is caused by compression of the sciatic nerve which runs from your lower back to your feet.

Using the MuscleGun Carbon’s high powered repetitive strokes, it is possible to increase blood flow and oxygen to the muscles surrounding the sciatic nerve and help release the associated tension and pressure.


Firstly, we recommend using your dampener attachment and setting your MuscleGun device to speed setting 2 – remember you can increase the speed setting to your desired intensity throughout your treatment.

To start, we advise applying your MuscleGun to the side of your body where you feel the pain, starting at the top of your hip flexor, moving down your quad muscles - towards the top of the knee and back again for around one – two minutes, then repeat this motion starting at the top of your IT bands, again moving your device in a downward motion to the top of the knee.

We then advise massaging the inside of the calf muscle for a further one to two minutes – again starting at the top of the muscle, moving towards the ankle in a downwards motion.

Finally, to complete this routine, apply your MuscleGun to your Hamstrings but importantly as we want to strengthen this muscle, we advise starting at the bottom of the hamstring above the back of the knee - moving your MuscleGun in an upwards motion towards the bottom of your glutes.

This effective routine will help promote blood flow and oxygen to the areas applied, helping reduce pressure and alleviating any tension, tightness or pain.

Remember, we always advise that you consult with your doctor or physician before using a MuscleGun when suffering from any underlying medical issues. 


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