Deep tissue massage - how to use your MuscleGun for a quick at home massage

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Your MuscleGun is the perfect device for an at home deep tissue massage on demand.

Operating in almost near silence, whether you’re sat watching your favorite series on Netflix or simply taking some time out from your daily work routine, your MuscleGun can perform a discrete but highly effective deep tissue massage when it’s convenient for you in the comfort of your own home.


We recommend the following routine for the ultimate all over deep tissue massage gun experience –

Firstly, using the Ball Attachment (this is engineered for major muscle groups and general use) connect this to your MuscleGun device, then switching it on and starting on speed setting one, gently float the device across your traps for around one minute each side applying just a small amount of pressure, moving down to your biceps and triceps – again for around one minute each muscle – each side of the body.

Now move down to the lower body, starting with applying your MuscleGun to the top of your hip flexors, massaging in a side ward motion, moving slowly down the quad muscles towards the knee, repeat this for around one minute each leg before now moving to applying the same method across each of your hamstrings, then calf muscles and again for around one minute each leg before finishing with your feet, starting with the heel moving to the arch and ball for around 2 minutes each foot.

This short but effective routine will help promote blood flow and oxygen, relieving the body of any associated muscle tension, tightness or pain.

For more comprehensive guidance on how to use your MuscleGun and treat specific pain areas, download our innovate wellness app – Deep By MuscleGun – this includes over forty guided massage techniques for each and every muscle group across the body.

If you have any questions or would like further information on our range of devices, please email our sales support team at

 Please note, we always recommend that you consult with your doctor or physician before using a MuscleGun when suffering from any underlying medical issues.


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