How to use your MuscleGun massage gun before bed for better sleep

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Using muscular release and massage techniques with your MuscleGun massage gun before bed can help tell your body it’s time for bed. By applying your MuscleGun device across your major muscle groups with light pressure, this can help relax your body, relieve tension and help you feel more rested in preparation for a good night’s sleep.


Before getting in to bed each night, we recommend using the foam ball attachment with your MuscleGun (or the rubber ball if you have a Carbon Go) with your device set to speed setting one and applying a very small amount of pressure for around 60 seconds across each muscle group - starting with massaging your traps then working down your body - your arms, chest, lower back, legs and finally finishing this routine across the soles of your feet.

Implementing these techniques as part of your daily wellness routine before bed, will help you relax and get that all important restful night’s sleep.

For more tips and advice on how to use your MuscleGun, please feel free to download our very own educational app – Deep By MuscleGun, available free of charge on both the Apple and Google app stores. 


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