Massage guns for runners - A runner’s guide to muscle massage guns

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Running, especially on hard surfaces, can be tough on the leg and back muscles. Every keen runner is constantly looking for the latest way to help their body recover and repair faster, so they’re ready to hit out and push for their personal best next time out.

Massage guns for runners

Given the undeniable results they deliver, it’s little wonder that massage guns are becoming increasingly popular across the running community.

Are massage guns good for runners?

Ask any runner who has tried one, and they’ll tell you that massage guns are a secret weapon to better performance.

If you already stretch as part of your pre- or post-run routine, a massage gun will elevate the results you see. The type of percussive massage you get from a massage gun is hugely different from what you get from a masseuse, and by pounding the muscles, it gets the blood flowing faster.

In a review of the best massage guns for runners, our MuscleGun Carbon massage gun, had Runner’s World magazine singing its praises. They said, “The MuscleGun Carbon won our tester over with its smart design and slick look that screams ‘I mean business’. It glides over skin while delivering a powerful, yet relaxing massage and its lengthy, slightly curved handle helps you reach all muscles.”

Massage guns are incredibly versatile. They work wonders on all the major muscle groups you use when running, from the hamstrings, quads and lower back to the pelvis, calves and feet. Many athletes also use a massage gun for runner’s knee, as the massage it gives is ideal for releasing the lateral IT band that causes pain.

How to use a massage gun for runners

The beauty of a massage gun is that it’s equally effective when used before and after exercise:


Research has found that using a massage gun as part of your pre-running ritual – and then stretching afterwards – can increase your range of motion by between 50-80%. This is a result of activating the muscles and increasing blood flow deeper in the tissues.

The benefits of this include a looser stride, more effortless motion and a reduced risk of injury.


The start point of every great run is recovering well from the last one. Using a massage gun is proven to help your body recover faster by clearing your muscles of toxins, calming inflammation and easing post-run pain by promoting better blood flow.

All of this helps you bounce back faster and stronger and avoid the dreaded DOMS.

Here’s how easy it is to use a massage gun for runners:

  • Pick the right attachment for the muscle group you want to work. Our MuscleGun Carbon massage gun comes with a host of different head attachments to choose from.
  • Using the control panel on the top of your device, set it to the desired speed.
  • Using a sweeping motion, gently float the device across the key muscle groups for around 5-10 minutes.
  • Gradually apply more pressure to those areas where the muscles feel particularly tight or sore. Keep doing this until the tension and pain eases.

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