What parts of the body are massage guns good for?

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If you’re wondering what are massage guns good for, the answer is more than you think.

What parts of the body are massage guns good for?

A muscle massage gun is an incredibly effective and versatile piece of kit, and not just for serious athletes.

Anyone who suffers from muscle tension, tightness or pain anywhere in the body can feel the benefits of a massage gun in minutes. These take-anywhere devices such as our MuscleGun Carbon, make deep tissue massage therapy affordable for everyone, so you can stimulate the flow of blood and oxygen to troublesome muscles whenever a problem flairs up.

Here are some of the areas of the body where a massage gun can improve your level of performance and quality of life.

Massage gun for back pain

Back pain can stop you doing the simplest of everyday tasks, not to mention training hard. A couple of minutes of self-treatment with a massage gun can reduce tightness, speed up the healing process and ease the back pain you feel.

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Massage gun for calves

Your calf muscles are key to supporting your body weight, keeping you balanced and bringing explosivity to your workouts – no wonder they get strained from time to time. When this happens, a massage gun helps speed up their recovery while easing tension and soreness.

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Massage gun for shoulder pain

Shoulder pain is different for everyone and can range from a nagging twinge for some to chronic discomfort for others. Wherever you find yourself on the pain scale, the percussive massage of a massage gun gives you the targeted pain relief you need.

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Massage gun for knee pain

Exercise, poor posture, misalignment… these are common causes of knee pain. If you suffer from discomfort in this area, a massage gun can work the muscles that support and impact the knee to provide relief from pain and promote healing.

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Massage gun for hips

Hip pain is caused by the tightening or spasming of the muscles surrounding the hips, which can be the result of overworking those muscles, long periods of inactivity or bad posture. By delivering deep tissue massage to the hip area, a massage gun can help ease the discomfort of hip pain.

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Massage gun for hamstrings

What do massage guns do to help with hamstring health? Well, they ease tension, increase movement and play a huge role in preventing Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) after exercise. Not to mention releasing tight hamstrings before exercise to increase flexibility and reduce the risk of injury.

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Massage gun for neck pain

Modern life and exercise are just two of the causes of neck pain. But a massage gun can give you almost instant relief when neck pain strikes. If you’re sceptical and are thinking do massage guns help, just try one for yourself – we’re sure you’ll love the results.

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