Muscle massage gun for neck pain - how can it help?

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As much as neck pain and stiffness can be caused by exercise, it’s just as common for it to be a result of our everyday habits away from the gym or sports field. We spend so much of our lives on devices, from computers to phones, and this can lead to problems.

With the average adult head weighing 10-12 pounds, the muscles in the neck have to work hard to keep things stable. But when we look down at a device, the weight placed on our neck is the equivalent to 50-60 pounds. With that in mind, it’s little surprise that neck pain is so common.

On the sports side, it’s natural to feel a little tenderness and stiffness in the neck after a hard upper body workout, and if you do a sport such as rowing or swimming that demands a lot of the muscles in that area, you’ll know all about post activity soreness.

Luckily, with a massage device – like our MuscleGun Carbon massage gun – you have the power in your hands to ease neck pain whenever it strikes.

Are massage guns good for neck pain?

Yes, they are, but the secret is knowing exactly where and how to use them.

The first thing to make clear is that the neck area can be very sensitive, especially to the vibrations you get with the percussive massage of a massage gun. For this reason, ALWAYS avoid massaging the front of your neck. This is home to the carotid arteries which carry blood to your brain, so keep your massage gun well away from there.

You can still massage the back of your neck – be cautious and never apply pressure directly onto your spine – but to alleviate tension, the best spots to focus on are the upper back and shoulder. These areas are all linked and contribute to neck pain.

Massage guns use repetitive, high-powered strokes to activate your muscles and increase the flow of blood and oxygen to an area. When used before exercise as part of your warm-up, they help get your muscles ready for what’s to come, which reduces your risk of injury. 

After exercise, massage is proven to reduce swelling and soreness in the muscles, flush out toxins that can build up, and break down scar tissue. All of this offers relief from the neck pain you feel, speeds up recovery and increases movement. This is also why many people use massage guns for neck knots.

Using a massage gun for neck pain

Whenever you experience tension and stress in your neck – which can cause pain – a massage gun lets you get to work wherever you are. That’s what makes these portable devices so useful. They’re also really simple to use. Here’s how:

  • Start by choosing the right head attachment. We recommend the ball attachment for working the upper back area.
  • Using the control panel on the top of your device, choose your desired speed setting. We suggest starting on setting three.
  • Gently float the device across your upper back muscles in a sideways motion.
  • Repeat this motion for around one minute on each side of your back. Remember you can apply more pressure or adjust the speed setting if you feel that an area needs particular attention.

Please note, we always recommend consulting with your doctor or physician before using a massage gun to treat any ailment or injury. 

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