How MuscleGun can help you post trauma.

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If you are suffering post trauma from an injury or surgery, using a muscle recovery gun like MuscleGun can be of great benefit in speeding up your recovery time and rehabilitation process.

Using strong, rapid bursts of pressure that penetrate deep in to the muscle, this can help promote the break up of scar tissue, whilst strengthening and stimulating the muscle by increasing oxygen circulation and blood flow, both essential for muscle repair and recovery and can be greatly beneficial for you if you are unable to participate in any form of physical therapy whilst in recovery post trauma or surgery.

How to use MuscleGun post injury or surgery 

Our recommend technique is as follows:


Step 1) Insert your Foam Ball Attachment to your MuscleGun - this is great for all over body and general use across all muscle groups.


Step 2) Using the control panel on the top of the device, Select speed setting 1.


Step 3) Gently float your MuscleGun over the desired muscle group you wish to treat, applying a very small amount of pressure for around 3-5 minutes.


Step 4) You should then feel the treated area increase in temperature as blood flow increases.


Step 5) Repeat on each side of the body and perform daily as part of your rehabilitation routine and accelerate your healing, your body will thank you for it!


Please note, we always recommend you consult your doctor or physician first before using your MuscleGun post surgery or trauma.

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